custom murals

When was the last time you saw someone take a photo of a billboard? Or post a selfie with a printed ad? Never? Now think about the last time you saw a person stop, take the perfect photo with a mural, and share it on social media. All the time, right? A mural isn’t just another ad. A hand painted mural is an experience. Imagine one of those head-turning pieces of art, completely customized to your brand.  A striking visual with nothing like it in the world. Would your customers stop and stare? Over three-fourths of Americans have walked into a store they’ve never been in based on a visual outside the store. What would they do next?  What would they buy? 74% of consumers say engaging with branded marketing experiences makes them more likely to buy the products being promoted. What would that kind of foot traffic do for your business? For every dollar spent on out of home advertising (like murals), businesses see an average profit of $5.97. Think of the impact that your social media share-able mural could have. 73% of consumers post photos after an experience and 49% of them share videos. How many tags would there be to your location? How many more likes, shares, and comments? How many new customers, flocking to your business? Let’s create something that will make them stop, stare, and share.  

Wall murals start at $40/sf, chalkboards & window lettering at $20/sf. Have an idea for a project? Let’s talk about how we can work together.