i believe that everyone is capable of writing beautifully.

However, there's no beating around the bush. Calligraphy is not an easy skill to learn! But what makes it more difficult? The wrong supplies, misleading tutorials, and a million and a half people on social media who make it look SO easy. 

As a self-taught calligrapher, I believe that everyone has what it takes to learn calligraphy. You'll be in this camp if you: 

  • have the ability to write with your hands (shaky hands, bad handwriting, previous failed attempts at calligraphy are SO welcomed!)

  • can carve out 15 minutes, a few days a week to practice - when the kiddos are napping, right before bed, or on your lunch break is a great time to sneak it in

  • WANT to learn this beautiful skill and BELIEVE that you deserve to have beautiful writing (we can work on that one 😉)

Learn in person

I regularly host beginner modern calligraphy workshops in my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. These classes are perfect for beginners (seriously, you don’t even need good handwriting!) and are designed to set you up with everything you need to learn calligraphy. If you’re local and looking for a class to join, head over the the workshop page linked below to find a class for you.

If you are interested in a private workshop for a group, party, or office (travel available), please email emma@emmavonderhaar.com

learn from afar

Let's Learn Calligraphy is an online goldmine of all of the nuggets of wisdom I've learned throughout the years as a self-taught calligrapher. If my best friend (who is a boss lady electrical engineer AND mom to a new baby) wanted to learn calligraphy, this is the self paced, online class that I would send her to. It's created so that you don't need to take a huge chunk of your busy life to learn, because I know that things are more manageable when you can take your time with them, come back and replay videos, and not feel swamped by learning new things. Let’s Learn Calligraphy will launch in December of 2019. Sign up to be the first to know when this class is live!


Just want to practice and don’t need a class? I’ve got you.

weekly practice sheets

Receive weekly practice sheets that hit your inbox every Monday morning, 8 am central. These drill sheets are totally free and take the guesswork out of practicing modern calligraphy. Want in? Sign up below!

video tutorials

I regularly record videos of drills, exemplars, and other calligraphy tidbits over on Instagram. These demos are housed in “stories” highlights for easy access. Head there to see videos in real time and follow along to stay updated!